Crow's new year wish(Short Moral Stories)

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Short Moral Stories

Let's Read the story of a "Crow"

Once upon a time there was a crow ,It was very sad and flying for days without any food or water. Moaning in sadness finally on the new years eve it rests on a big tree. Under that big tree there was a   monk meditating.
 The monk got little distracted due to the crow's moaning.
 "Hey crow!!! why are you so sad in this new years eve? " asked monk. Crow flew down to monk and replies "There is no fun in being a crow i want to be like a parrot. Then i will be the happiest bird on this earth".
Monk says "I can fulfil your wish, but first go and ask a parrot if it is the happiest bird on this earth".
The crow goes to a parrot and stands in front of it. The parrot had mesmerizing beauty .The crow asks the parrot "Are you the happiest bird on this earth?". The parrot replies "People like me because i am very pretty. But it comes with a price. People always tries to cage me for their pleasure and happiness. I wish i could be you, at least i could be free". Hearing that the crow flies back to the monk in sadness.
Crow dictates monk what happened and decides " i want to be a sawn. Then I will be the happiest on this earth". Monk again asks crow to meet a swan and ask if it is the happiest bird. The crow does as asked. The swan replies "I might be one of the most beautiful and elegant creature on this earth but i am restricted to this water i cannot fly high like you in the sky and go wherever you want".
Crow comes back to the monk cand says "If i can be a peacock .I will be the happiest bird on this earth". Monk says "You know what to do".
The Crow Searches for peacock for days ,Finally somewhere in the Zoo it finds a peacock.
It had lot of beautiful feathers the crow was mesmerized looking at its beauty.
"Hey peacock ,are you the happiest bird on this earth?" the crow asks.
"Caged in the zoo, not able to fly freely  or dance i am very sad. I wish i was you".
The Crow flies back to the monk happily and says to monk "My new years wish is to be happy for what god has made me, I am the happiest bird on this earth" Thank you so much Monk.
The Monk replies with a smile and goes back to meditating again.

Moral of the Story:-  Be happy for what you are do not try to be others.

Short Moral Stories


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