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THE PICTURE (Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of  "Browny and Bee" (Chapter 6) It was a bright Sunday ,Browny was very excited as he was going to Lisa's place to help with her assignment .He packs Bee with his books inside a bag and leaves. Short Stories For Kids " Bee you should keep quiet in front of Lisa as she is able to hear you.....OKK?????" Browny says .They soon reach the house,Browny had never seen the house from inside.It was huge as a palace,. " Hi Browny,come this way my room is upstairs " Lisa says from behind. " Wow  your house is so huge,How many people live here? "Browny asks Lisa in a surprised tone.She laughs and replies " Me,my mom and Dad,My grandmother passed away few months ago.". She looked very sad talking about her grandmother. Short Stories For Kids Lisa's room was very huge and well decorated ,both sit quietly and start working on their assignment." Wow this was so easy,thank you Brown

An unusual Date (Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of "Browny and Bee"(Chapter 5) Browny was very excited about going to zoo with Lisa ,he couldn't sleep as he had her phone number but was really nervous to call ." I can call her and inform the time if you want " Bee yawns and says to Browny sarcastically.Suddenly the phone rings " HELLO this is Lisa......... " Short Stories For Kids Short stories for kids    Browny stutters and says " HELLO " " Browny is this you,Brawn gave me your number .I just called you to know at what time we will leave tomorrow". "Let's go at 11 am,I can ask my mother to pick you up " browny says in a broken voice ." OK Thank you,Good night ". (The Next Day) Browny packs loads of snacks for his friends and asks his mother to pick up Lisa.Brawn was coming with his father. Lisa dressed up nice and was wearing a beautiful necklace ,she was looking really pretty.Browny's hea

The First Crush(Short stories for kids)

Let's read the story of  "Browny and Bee"   (Chapter  4)   Short stories for kids It was a Sunny Friday .Browny had already planned his weekend,Bee was also very excited because they all were going to the zoo. " Hi Brawn " Browny says and sits beside him."  Brawn we are planning to visit zoo tomorrow would you like to join me??" he says." Sure " Brawn replies with excitement. " Attention children Here's your new classmate Lisa " the class-teacher says..Browny's heart flutter as soon as he sees Lisa,She was very beautiful with pretty eyes and hair.Everyone in the class were amazed seeing her beauty." As she joined in the mid term,who would like to help her. .!!!".Ted shouts from the last row " I will "." First help yourself with the assignments you got the lowest marks in the whole class " teacher says sarcastically.All the students in the class bursts into laug