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O nce there lived a richest man called " Mr OTTMAN" ,he was arrogant ,proud and boastful .He always made his followers praise him about his wealth and luxury.He always considered himself the happiest man. inspirational stories in English One day Mr OTTMAN  driving down the street  sees a man standing across the road ,selling cotton candy.The man was poor with ripped shirt and messy hair carrying loads of candy bags, kids comes running to him ,hugging and kissing ,asking for a candy. The man laughs with joy and distributes the candy to kids some among them were poor, the man gave away candy for free. Mr OTTMAN sitting in the car makes a miserable face and leaves,The other day he again watches the man laughing and giving away the candy to kids ," Such a pitiful man "  OTTMAN thinks. After few days OTTMAN doesn't see the man ,His curiosity makes him inquire about him.To Mr OTTMAN's surprise everyone addresses that man as " Th

PRINCESS MELISSA(Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of  "Princess Melissa" Short Stories For Kids Once upon a time there was a king ,he ruled a small kingdom with his Queen an d a daughter " Princess Melissa ".Melissa was a beautiful,mischievous and lovable Princess. King and Queen always tried to teach her how to be a perfect princess but were concerned about her habit of lying. The King always traveled into the woods  , one day the fairy godmother appears in front of him. Short Stories For Kids " krikkle brikkle the fire ,fairy godmother tickle the liar ". the fairy says and presents a magical berry to the king with a wave of her wand. Short Stories For Kids King goes back happily and gives that berry to the princess ,at first Melissa doesn't feel anything and everything looked normal .But when Melissa started lying her body feels sensation of being tickled and bursts into laughter till her stomach aches." WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME " she sho

THE FOOLISH SON (Short moral Stories )

Let's read the story of a foolish jackson  Short moral Stories  Long ago in a village there lived a man called  " Matthew " with his son jackson. Matthew had a dairy farm outside the village,Jackson always helped his father feeding cows and taking care of them.There was a ferocious tiger hiding in the woods near village.All villagers were scared of the tiger and always carried a sword with themselves.Mathew was skillful and brave he always wanted his son to be like him,but jackson was foolish. short moral stories One day Matthew and jackson takes the cows to graze in a big field near forest .He  presents his son a bell and asks him to ring it when in danger .Jackson takes his cows to the other end of field to avoid spot grazing . Short moral Stories  Later Matthew hears the bell ringing,he takes out his sword and hastily runs towards his son ." I was just testing if this will work or not " Jackson laughs and gives his

THE LIL JUJO (Short moral Stories)

 Let's read the story of lil jujo Short moral Stories  There was once a lil jujo who lived happily with his mom and dad.Everyday his mother packed delicious sandwiches in his lunch box .But poor lil jujo was very sad as big jujo in his school was cruel  and always stole his lunch . Big jujo was very powerful and strong ,Everyone was scared of him . One fine day when lil jujo was helping his mother in her kitchen garden.He notices a small plant beside him.He had never seen that plant before,thinking it was a sweet delicious fruit jujo tries to pluck it." DON'T TOUCH IT .." the mother shouts from behind." Mom what is that, i want to eat that fruit " lil jujo asks his mother. " It is a pepper plant ,it's very spicy and will make your mouth burn.So don't try eating them until you grow big" she says and rewards lil jujo with a bunch of grapes for helping her,while staring at the pepper plant lil jujo gets a