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Best Teacher's Day gift(Short Stories for kids)

Let's read the story of  a boy called    " Siddharth " Short stories for kids   It was tecaher's day on september 5th ,on a sunny day in a small town in india . All childrens were very excited to greet their teachers with lot of gifts and flowers in their hands.Siddharth a cute little boy on the other hand was very confused .he turns towards his mother and asks her 'mom what gift can you give to the most valuable person in your life who changed you to be a better person?'.His mom smiles and says 'respect,not only for now ,not only till u get a good job ,But for a lifetime.'. Siddharth face lit up with a big smile ,as if he got a nice idea.He gets a white paper and some colorful pens ,he writes something on it and goes to his teacher.His teacher smiles and accepts it with gratitude.Teacher's eyes fills with water when she reads was written:- 'Dear Teacher, I have seen everyone saying that they want to become doctor, engineer ,pilots,