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THE UNTOLD STORY(Short Stories For Kids)

Let's Read the story of " Browny and Bee"(Chapter 7) Short Stories For Kids Browny and Bee were surprised to see the picture of the old lady in Lisa's house." Can i ask you how she died and when? " Browny asks Lisa." She had a heart attack,she fell unconscious in the middle of the road.That day was my birthday she was about to share her secret with me". "secret,what is it??"  Browny asks hastily." I don't know,It got vanished with her ".Lisa replies " Can you get me some water " Browny says trying to divert the topic. " Bee I think she was talking about you,you were her secret.Grandma never told you about her family .....Strange... ..Browny says too Bee. Short Stories For Kids " Master was really concerned about me,she didn't wanted to put me in wrong hands,so she never introduced me to anyone .......... Lisa is Master's granddaughter....No wonder that is why she