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Foolish Disciple(Short Moral Stories)

Let's read the story of foolish disciple  "Ramanuj" Short Moral Stories Once in a small village of India there was a guru Called " Paramahans ", he had  lot of disciples who came from nearby villages for succession of his knowledge as a tradition. Among all the disciples was one called " Ramanuj ", he was foolish of all.Everyone used to laugh at him. His friends used to say he could not do anything in his life, how will he survive.He had lost all his hope and confidence. Guru Paramahans had a plan for him, he started taking him to fetch water from a nearby well.Everyday Ramanuj would go with his guru ,drop a bucket tied to a rope , fetch some water and pour it on the plants beside the well.There was a rock placed on the edge of the well , rope would rub against the rock every single time water is fetched from well.Months passed doing this Ramanuj couldn't understand what Guru was trying to teach him. Short Moral Stories One fine day Guru agai