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A new classmate(Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of  "Browny and Bee"(chapter   3) Short Stories For Kids It was a lazy Monday morning Browny was still asleep , Bee was lying beside him snoring. " Bee you are so loud mom will hear you ".Browny says trying to open his eyes. " Browny ,GET UP"   mom shouts from outside his room." Why is the chocolate box empty,did you eat all by yourself.How many times have i told you not to eat too many candies". " Bee did you eat all the candy " Browny gets up hastily and shouts at Bee, "Gotta pee" with one eye  wide open it replies and runs towards the bathroom"." Bee come back,No more candies from today on wards " he says angrily. Short Stories For Kids (At School) Browny hides bee in his school bag and goes inside the classroom.A new student in the class enters with a blackboard chalk in his hand,he quietly sits in a vacant seat and puts that chalk piece inside hi