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Everything is Possible (Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of two friends called "Jack  &  Nick" Once in a small village there lived two friends called Jack and Nick .Jack was five years old and Nick was ten, they both were very good friends , they always played together and ate together. One day Jack and Nick  decides to go near the well outside the village to fetch some water. As Nick was older  than Jack he decides to take the lead and starts fetching water from well. Nick looses his balance and falls into the well SPLASH... Jack instinctively catches the rope and with all his strength pulls Nick up.When they return to village and narrates their story no one believes it.All the villagers said it is impossible ,they decides to go to a monk in that village who was a learned person for an answer. When the monk listens to the whole story he says "Why you all are so surprised, whatever those children said is true, It is possible because when it happened there was none around him to say that he c