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Thirsty Kenny (Short Stories For Kids)

Lets Read the story of an imaginary boy named "Kenny"  It was a long tiring day in school,Kenny was lying on the bed beside his Mom listening to a magical story .Kenny feels very thirsty and wakes up in the middle of the night.He turns around and to his surprise Short Stories For Kids he sees himself lying on the bed. Kenny couldn't understand what was happening ,He was very thirsty so he chooses to have some water first .Kenny runs towards the kitchen and finds a big water jug.Kenny realizes that he could fly and get through the things, he understood that it was his soul searching for water .He jumps inside the water jug and gets a thirst relief.Suddenly someone closes the jug with a lid. Kenny tries to get out of the jug but fails.He starts calling for his mother and father but no one could hear him.Kenny was scared and thinks that his soul would never be able to reach his body.He started crying in a very loud voice.Suddenly someone opens the lid for some wa