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The new best friend(Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of "Browny and Bee" (Chapter 2) Short Stories For Kids It was a Sunday morning Browny was excited to go to an amusement park with his mom.He excitedly wakes up early and starts thinking about the amazing rides . "Good Morning Master"  Bee bumps up smiling ." I told you so many times not to call me master,". He says irritatingly for being called master. Short Stories For Kids Bee floats in the air and says " Thank you for letting me live with you Master ". " I am going to the park today hide yourself,so that mom can't see you." .Browny says to Bee and starts brushing his teeth. " Browny!!!! " Mom enters the room calling Browny,Bee hides itself under the bed."  get ready we will be leaving soon " mom says and leaves the room. Browny reaches the park and excitedly runs towards the Ferris wheel,he sees a boy holding his father's hand and laughing.  He

The magical Bee (Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of  "Browny and Bee"(chapter 1) Short Stories For Kids Browny was a 12 year kind boy , he was a brilliant student and always helped others. One fine morning on his way to school he sees an old weak woman carrying a bag, thinking she might need  help he goes running to her ,but she passes out and falls in the middle of the street  .Scared Browny carries her bag and shouts for help  ,soon people gather around and take her to nearest hospital. Short Stories For Kids Thinking about school Browny runs back hastily,After reaching school he suddenly realizes that the old woman's bag was with him ."oh Jesus" he screams," Browny go to your class now " the teacher from back shouts.Thinking he will return it after school he goes to his classroom. After school Browny visits the hospital but founds that the old woman was dead already and she doesn't have a family.Depressed he thinks about the poor o


O nce there was a wooden slab, it was plain ,basic and no one liked it .It always cursed its master for its simplicity and  was envious of the ravishingly beautiful wooden idol standing beside it.The idol was loved by everyone ,people from every corner of the world visited to admire its beauty. INSPIRATIONAL STORIES IN ENGLISH One day the jealous slab asks the idol " Hey idol we both are made of same material,yet you are exceptionally beautiful and loved by everyone while i am pretty simple no one recognizes me when i am with you and just admire your beauty.I feel dejected and heart broken every time." The wooden idol smiles and says " Hey wooden slab our master tried to make both of us beautiful and exceptionally unique but you refused to go through all the painful carvings and knocked back all the masters tests on you ,i went through all the throbbing and burning procedure of chisels and knife carvings on me for months that is how master was abl