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The Cocoon(Short Moral Stories)

Let's read the story of Little girl " Mary " Short Moral Stories Once a little girl called Mary was passing by a street .It was raining heavily so takes shelter under a tree,She sees a cocoon which was trying to convert into a butterfly .She feels sorry for butterfly struggling to come out of the cocoon.Mary slowly breaks the cocoon and let it leave its cocoon without any effort.The butterfly comes out of it happily and tries to fly high in front of Mary. But its wings were so weak that it falls on the ground.Butterfly tries and tries multiple times but it couldn't fly at all.Tired and sad it quits and starts crawling. Short Moral Stories Mary realizes that it was because of her mistake that butterfly wasn't able to fly.She has hindered a natural process of Butterfly leaving its cocoon by itself.She should have let it go through the pain and do it by itself ,which would have supported it to fly later. Mary stands still in the middle of the road sobbing . Mora