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A Clever Rabbit (Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of a clever Rabbit Short Stories For Kids Once upon a time there lived a king of the jungle "Lion" ,he had become old and had no strength to hunt its own prey. One day Lion orders all the animals of the jungle to surrender themselves one by one each day. All the animals were terrified but had no choice but to obey the orders . One by one the animals were getting killed and they knew that the king won't stop until all are dead. The next day it was Rabbit's turn to surrender, But the Rabbit arrives very late .King was very hungry, Lion angrily asks rabbit the reason for being late. Short Stories For Kids Rabbit humbly replies that on his way he saw another lion who calls himself the king of jungle. Lion becomes very angry and says "There is only one king of the jungle and that is me". King asks Rabbit to show him the other king he was talking about. Rabbit takes King near a well and tells him that  the other Lion is inside the