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A KIND GIRL CALLED HANNA(Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of A Kind Girl "HANNA" Once there was a girl called Hanna ,She lived with her stepmother and stepsister Lina .They were always mean to her ,they made Hanna do all the house chores alone. Hanna was very kind and never felt bad about it.      One day the step mother sends Hanna to forest for collecting some fresh fruits. It was very cold ,Step mother gives her a really thin sweater. Poor Hanna was shivering but obeys her step mothers order.  On her way suddenly she hears a voice from back, it was a tree talking............                                                                           Short Stories For Kids "Oh young Lady, I am shivering in this cold. Can you please give me your sweater.? " The tree cries.  Short Stories For Kids Hanna couldn't see the tree in pain and gives him the only sweater she had. Suddenly the tree turns into a fairy.          Hanna was surprised to see the fairy and greets her with respect. The

A Cunning Dog(Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of a cunning dog "Rocky"........ T here was once a small Pizza slice lying on the plate in a big house. It was sad of being separated from its family ,it kept crying loudly. In the same house lived a very cunning dog ,His name was Rocky. Short Stories For Kids Rocky sees the pizza slice crying alone as he couldn't get it on his own Rocky plays a trick.... He goes near the pizza slice and asks very politely .." Why are you crying? Can I help you ".  The Pizza slice replies " I came here with my family ,the other 7 slices. But now I am alone ,I want to be with my family."  Rocky says " I know where your family is ,I can help you. come with me" . The pizza slice suspiciously says "how can I trust you, you might end up killing me" . Rocky replies with a smile " If I wanted to eat you I would have done it already, I can not see anyone alone and crying. I can help you reach your family if you want me t