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GOODBYES ARE PAINFUL (Short Stories For Kids)

Let's read the story of "Browny and Bee" (Chapter 8) Short Stories For Kids Browny  laid restless on his bed ,thinking that Bee  belongs to Lisa he could't sleep the whole night. Short Stories For Kids Bee wakes up in the morning and sees Browny stressed about something.." Hey let's go to the part today....Browny" ..Bee says trying to cheer Browny up." We have somewhere else to go Bee pack your bags". " Wow Browny where are we going " Bee asks in excitement. " Get ready .It's a surprise " Browny replies". Both gets in the car and heads towards Lisa's house.Bee had no idea what  Browny was up to.The car stops near Lisa's house ." Why are we going to Lisa's house are we going to hanging out with her" Bee asks in a confused tone. " Yes .... ".Brownie says. "Hi Browny you are here what a pleasant Bee with you " Lisa whispers. S