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short Moral Stories Let's read the story of "Simon and Thomas" Simon was a very shy boy he had no friend at school, Few of his classmates always used to bully him .Whereas Thomas was a very smart  and kind hearted boy. They never spoke to each other but were in the same class. One day Thomas noticed his classmates bullying Simon after school, He goes straight to them  and warns about complaining to the class teacher. Realizing that Thomas was a popular student they silently leave . short Moral Stories Thomas goes near Simon and asks " I don't have a friend in this school, will you be my friend? ?".Simon being shy just nods his head .In a very short time they becomes a very good friends.  One Day Thomas forgets to bring his very important assignment to school .Teacher being very strict asks him to stand outside the class . Thomas felt very embarrassed and was scared of failing. Simon silently submits his assignment and writes Thomas name on it

THE END(Short Stories For Kids)

Short Stories For Kids Let's read the story of "Browny and Bee"(Chapter 10) Browny feels very happy meeting Bee but hesitates." Bee I think we should not meet like this behind Lisa she might feel that you are not loyal to her, now she is your master and i am nobody ". "But i have every right to choose my master and it is you Browny ." Bee please get inside her bag before Lisa comes here and never meet me... Bee sadly returns inside the bag and doesn't look back. After few months.... Short Stories For Kids It was Browny's birthday,He was   least excited about it , his mother had organized a party and called all his friends including Lisa. Short Stories For Kids At the party Browny couldn't take off his eyes form Lisa ,she was looking pretty as always Besides she had Bee with her. Browny cuts his birthday cake and  wishes for a miracle.  In the midnight while Browny opens his birthday presents he sees that Lisa has gifted him an old bag

A SAD DAY(Short Stories For Kids)

 Let's read the story of "Browny and Bee" (Chapter 9) Short Stories For Kids Browny didn't felt like himself after leaving Bee .He couldn't eat or study well ....he was missing Bee badly. " Bee hide inside my bag,It's time to go to school "...Browny shouts..... Realizing that Bee no more lives with him Browny feels a sharp pain in his heart.He sadly picks up his bag and sets to school. ( At school) "Hi Browny" Lisa says." Hi " Browny replies with a low tone.He moves his eyes here and there looking for Bee but was hesitant to ask." Bee is at home Browny he doesn't want to see you " Lisa says . " I am not looking for Bee,he is now your responsibility " Browny says hesitatingly. The bell rings and everyone sits in their respective places. Browny couldn't concentrate what teacher was teaching his head was revolving around Lisa's words. " Browny are you listening to what i just said.