A SAD DAY(Short Stories For Kids)

 Let's read the story of "Browny and Bee" (Chapter 9)

Short Stories For Kids

Browny didn't felt like himself after leaving Bee .He couldn't eat or study well ....he was missing Bee badly.

"Bee hide inside my bag,It's time to go to school"...Browny shouts.....

Realizing that Bee no more lives with him Browny feels a sharp pain in his heart.He sadly picks up his bag and sets to school.

(At school)

"Hi Browny" Lisa says."Hi" Browny replies with a low tone.He moves his eyes here and there looking for Bee but was hesitant to ask."Bee is at home Browny he doesn't want to see you" Lisa says .

"I am not looking for Bee,he is now your responsibility" Browny says hesitatingly.

The bell rings and everyone sits in their respective places.

Browny couldn't concentrate what teacher was teaching his head was revolving around Lisa's words.

"Browny are you listening to what i just said...Explain what i was saying to the whole class" teacher shouts.

Browny stood up dump in front of the class.Everyone laughs at him.He was missing Bee so badly that he couldn't utter a word.

Bee where are you i want to see you right now...Browny thinks to himself.

Short Stories For Kids

Later after the school from Lisa's bag pops out Bee and stand in front of Browny.

"Bee what are you doing here???" Browny says in a surprise tone.

Short Stories For Kids

To be continued.....

(Short Stories For Kids)


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