The Stupid Donkey(Short Moral Stories)

Let's read the story  of  'A Stupid Donkey'

Long time ago in a small village there were camel, sheep, horse and a donkey living in a farm with their master.
The master  was a very kind  and a caring person  but those animals were very lazy and never wanted to work hard.
The master everyday used to transfer goods like sugar ,salt , cotton, rice to the near villages  with help of these animals for a living.
One fine day  master wanted to deliver jute bags filled with salt  .He hopped on the horse and started his  way to the near village ,donkey, Camel followed him with jute bags tied to their backs ,the regular route to the village was  closed so the master thought of taking the river route.
The camel and donkey were too lazy to carry those heavy bags. Camel had an idea as soon as they reached river it started walking by bending it's knees, all the other animals and master were in front so nobody realized what camel was trying to do .As soon as they reached the village and master untied the bags he saw that there was no salt in the Camel's bag. Master was very kind , he thought it was because of the river route. They started their way back home after selling the remaining salt bags.

Short Moral Stories,Short Stories for kids, Short moral stories in English,Bedtime stories
Short Moral Stories

 Donkey was shocked and asked the secret, Camel replied "I drowned the salt bags by bending my knees in the river ,the salt melted and I was left with the empty bags".
After few days Master had to deliver cotton to the near village he again ties bags to animals and starts to the village crossing the river. This time donkey was very clear that he will follow camel's idea, As donkey was walking last nobody observed what he was doing. As soon as he tried to bend his knees in the river the bags started feeling lot heavier than usual .Donkey somehow crosses the river but with a lot of pain. The master as usual thought the cotton was wet because of the river .They starts their way back after selling all the cotton.

Short Moral Stories,Short stories for kids, Short moral stories in English,Bedtime stories
Short Moral Stories

Camel laughs at the stupidity of Donkey ,As the cotton absorbs water and becomes heavy .Donkey moans in silence with an unbearable back ache. It learns 
lesson that one should be careful when following someone blindly. 

Moral of the story :-  Don't blindly follow the others.


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