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The potatoes,eggs and coffee (Short Moral Stories)

Let's read the story of a girl called "Cheryl" Once there was a girl called Cheryl ,she was attending her entrance examinations to get into her dream university.She had put her hundred percent in the exams, she was eagerly waiting for her results. SHORT MORAL STORIES The Result day had come but Cheryl couldn't get into her dream college, this made her heart broke .Cheryl started being very sad all day ,she wouldn't talk to anyone and stopped smiling. Cheryl's father was very upset to see his daughter like this. One day he decides to talk to Cheryl, he asks her to accompany him in the kitchen.The father puts eggs, potatoes and coffee in the three  separate pots and leaves them to boil .He asks his daughter to wait for half and hour.After 30 minutes the father takes the potatoes and eggs out and pours coffee in a mug. He asks cheryl to touch the potatoes, she does as asked she observes that the potatoes which were hard before became very soft after boiling