A Jealous Carpenter (short Moral Stories)

Let's read the story of "Darren"

Once in a village there was a carpenter called Darren, he was very sad as he was penniless and his business was in loss .One day he was sitting in his backyard reading a newspaper, He sees his neighbor Mr. Warren . Mr. Warren used to milk cows and sell that to all the villagers. He was making a large amount of money he had bought a big house lately......
short Moral Stories, short Moral Stories in English ,bedtime stories
short Moral Stories

Darren decides to sell whatever he had and buys a cow. But he had no idea how to take care of it and get milk out of it. He secretly observes Mr. Warren and try to do the same but Darren wasn't successful at all. He gets furious and starts beating the cow to fetch milk.
short Moral Stories,short Moral Stories in English,Bedtime stories
short Moral Stories

Darren was jealous of Mr. Warren because all villagers visited Mr. Warren, nobody bought milk from him. Darren started beating the cow even more.
One day Darren was trying to milk the cow but cow resists, it kicks Darren and runs away. Darren runs behind it like a freak, all villagers laughs at Darren's situation. The cow never comes back and Darren looses everything he had. He moans on the fact that he compared himself with his neighbor and in jealousy he did all these things. He lost everything because of his jealousy.

Moral of The Story : Jealousy fails you. Have more faith in yourself, You got something that other people don't.

(short Moral Stories)


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